SKUTCHI Designs Case Study: Silva Insurance 

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Silva Insurance Building Exterior View

Below is a case study for Silva Insurance in Palmer Alaska. SKUTCHI Designs Inc. works with clients of all sorts of shapes and sizes! We work with Fortune 500s as well as your local “mom & pop” retail stores.  We’ve completed entire wings of the largest hospitals in the nation, as well as privately owned optometric practices.  Regardless of the size or scope of your business, SKUTCHI Designs Inc. can help you transform your workspaces into something completely new, modern, and functional.  Below is a case study of one such client.

Meet Silva Insurance

After years of hard work in the insurance industry, Dusty Silva was able to open her own firm.

In 2006, she set up shop inside a 1930’s home across from City Hall in Palmer, Alaska. She has since grown her staff to three additional employees helping customers with their insurance needs throughout the Mat-Su Valley in rural Alaska.

Earlier this year, she contacted SKUTCHI Designs Inc. after years of trying to find an commercial interior design company to remodel her modest office and bring her vision to life. 

Enter SKUTCHI Designs Inc.

Silva Insurance had been utilizing their space with a layout (which was by all accounts) distracting and lacked basic privacy; it was noisy and open spaced with little visual privacy. Dusty envisioned something more modern: three private offices, sound dampened cubicle walls with locking doors, as well a reception desk area as well as a spare desk and huddle table.

Unfortunately, Dusty said she found it difficult to get her wishes for a dream workspace met. “Other companies said, no you can’t do that. Or they didn’t listen and created a bland cubicle design”.

After the first phone call with SKUTCHI Designs‘ Project Manager, Yvonne Walker, Dusty knew she made the right decision.

“Yvonne and her team created a design that fit EXACTLY what I envisioned for my space!” Within six weeks the design hit production, traversed 4,467 miles from South Carolina to Alaska, and was put together by a local, insured, professional installation team. 

Silva Insurance Services Transformed

We paired our best-selling Sapphire High Wall Cubicle System with our Indigo Office Desks, and Harmony Office Tables to create the new space Dusty was looking for (see drawing below). The cubicle walls featured sound reducing insulation for reduced noise pollution as well as glass-paneled swing doors with locks.Computer Aided Design Drawing of the New Office Space for Silva Insurance Services

“When we encountered hurdles, they were right there taking the lead and kept things moving!  They knocked this project out of the park; we are so happy in our new space…”

A peek at the final result:

Finished photo of the newly remodeled Silva Insurance interior.

How Can SKUTCHI Designs Help You?

Silva Insurance Services was both a fun project to work on, but it also demonstrates the space you work with doesn’t have to dictate what can be done.

SKUTCHI Designs Inc. employs a team of Project Managers, CAD Designers, CNC Operators, Shipping/Receiving Specialists, and a host of additional support staff to make your dream workspace a reality.

If you’re looking to change an existing space (or design a brand new space), consider contacting us.  We are available to answer your questions Mon-Fri 8:30 to 5:00 EST.  Just call (888) 993-3757 and let us know what you’re looking for.  

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