Understanding Different Types of Cubicle Workstations

The image shows the different types of cubicle workstations.

The different types of cubicle workstations you’ll find in your average office are not there by accident. Different styles of cubicles are designed for specific functions, as well as to provide the people occupying them the means to be productive and comfortable throughout their workday. This article will provide a basic understanding of the different types of cubicles, options to choose from to make cubicles stylish and functional, and how best to furnish them with the accessories needed for a happy occupant. This should give you a better understanding of what the different types of cubicle workstations are called, and what types of cubicles to buy for the office or workplace.

Evaluating and Understanding the Space You’re Working With

Before jumping into the different types of cubicle workstations, it’s important to review and evaluate the space the team is working in and what is needed to accomplish goals. Don’t just consider how the space could eventually look, but how the workspace should function. Here are some simple yet important questions to ask about the space.

  • Do you have a specific timeline to complete the project?
  • How many employees will need seating?
  • What are the exact measurements of the space I’m working with?
  • What type of work will the staff be doing?
  • How noisy could the office become?
  • Will different teams/departments require collaboration with one another?
  • Should the priority be privacy or openness?

The answer to these questions can help you as you move forward.

Different Types of Cubicle Workstations

The image is a call center cubicle. One of the different types of cubicle workstations.

Call Center Cubicle Workstations

Call centers cubicles are an extremely popular choice for many types of businesses. Call centers are typically seen in car dealerships, insurance companies, and medical facilities/hospitals. Also, call centers are popular because of their affordability and space optimizing layout. Click to see additional examples of Call Center Cubicles.

120-Degree Cubicle Workstations

120-degree cubicle workstations provide a distinct look that is sure to make a lasting impression. This cubicle workstation optimizes a small space by utilizing a clover layout. Furthermore, this type of cubicle workstation will allow you to seat odd-numbered groups of people with a modern look.  Click to see additional examples of 120-Degree Cubicle Workstation

This image is a manager center cubicle workstation. This is one of the different types of cubicles.

Manager/Executive Cubicle

Executive cubicles are much bigger than a typical cubicle workstation. These prioritize size and storage to ensure the needs can be met for individuals in leadership positions. Also, most executive cubicles feature an additional desk for an assistant or secretary to sit at. Click to see additional examples of Manager Centers.  

Reception Center Cubicles

Reception center cubicles are optimal for customer interaction. Any office that sees customers regularly should invest in a reception center. In addition, the cubicle is customizable from the size, shape, and storage available. Greet customers or clients in style!  Click to see additional examples of Reception Center Cubicles

Customer Service Cubicles

Customer service cubicle workstations are optimal for individuals handling customers daily. In addition, businesses, such as consulting or banks utilize customer service layouts most often. Click to see additional examples of Customer Service Cubicles.

This is a L-Shape Cubicle one of the different types of cubicle workstations.

L-Shape Cubicles

L-shape cubicle workstations are flexible and comfortable. L-shaped cubicles embody ergonomics through the space and storage availability. Also, options are widened with the L-shape cubicle workstations. Click to see additional examples of L-shaped Cubicle Workstations.

This is a u-shape cubicle workstation on of the many different types of cubicle workstations.

U-Shape Cubicles

U-shape cubicle workstations are perfect for a collaborative workspace. In addition, U-shapes can be customized to create bullpens or a larger workspace which are shared by more than one occupant. Click to see additional examples of U-shape Cubicle Workstations.

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Cubicle Workstation Sizes & Heights

Knowing the sizes and heights of the different types of cubicle workstations are vital components of a workspace. The sizes not only account for the space availability but also for the needs of the workers. Here are some of the most common cubicle sizes.

  • 5×5: A smaller floor plan optimizes a space with constraints. 
  • 6×6: The most common size for a cubicle. These sizes are mainly utilized within administrative work. 
  • 6×8: Mainly utilized for engineers as it accounts for a longer length and spacious work environment. 
  • 8×8: Utilized in executive offices due to its large size. Provides room for guest seating in front or to the side. 
  • 8×9: Provides space for guest seating within an executive or customer service space.

Cubicle Workstation Heights

  • 39” height is the shortest height manufactured by SKUTCHI Designs. The height provides limited privacy and provides openness in the environment. 
  • 52” height is the midtier height. This height provides a balance between the shortest and longest height.
  • 65” height is the highest height we manufacture. The height provides more privacy and is closed off for independent work.

Types of Finishes for Cubicle Workstations

Another key component of an office cubicle is the materials utilized within the designs. Depending on the manufacturer several materials and finishes are available. The materials are crucial to enhance the experience, design, and quality of the cubicle system. 

Fabrics: Fabrics are utilized for cubicle systems here at SKUTCHI Designs. Items, such as fabrics can range from several colors, grades, and whiteboard dry surfaces. We offer 15 fabric colors that range from neutral to more vibrant colors. The fabrics utilized can also vary from wall panel to panel to mix and match colors to a theme. In addition, clients can choose to add a whiteboard surface to one of the panels. This option is especially popular in educational environments.

This image is the different types of cubicle workstation fabric swatches.

Work Surface: Different laminate finishes for work surfaces and wall panels range in the bases of colors, patterns, and acrylics. SKUTCHI Designs offers laminates grade 1 through 3. Laminates are mainly wood with a few solid colors. Also, the positive of laminates is it is easily cleanable due to its material.

This image is the different types of cubicle workstation laminates.

Tempered Glass: Glass is often utilized in wall panels to create accents. Specifically, it’s optimal to utilize and design them to create a perfect blend of privacy and transparency in a workplace. Glass can be further customized through height and tempered glass. Tempered glass can come in several film options from fostered to patterned. 

Polyurethane (PET): PET material is an amazing option that offers a simple design while reducing noise. Not only is it great for acoustics, but the material is made out of water bottles making it environmentally friendly and sustainable. We offer 15 colors ranging from vibrant to neutral.

This image is the different types of cubicle workstation pet swatches.

Apply Your New Knowledge of the Different Types of Cubicle Workstations

Do you feel like a cubicle expert yet? Now let’s apply your expertise! If the different types of cubicle workstations still seem a bit confusing SKUTCHI Designs provides support and guidance with office planning and furniture through the SKUTCHI support team. Call SKUTCHI Designs to start speaking with a project manager today. 


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