The Ultimate Guide to Conference Room Tables

Conference Room Tables and custom conference room table

Conference room tables are essential in the daily operations of a business whether it be to regroup or evaluate current projects. It’s important to ensure the needs of an organization are being met through the proper conference table. It can be overwhelming as you have to choose the correct size, color, style, and shape. In this guide, we walk you through all you need to know to choose the perfect conference table.

Establish Your Needs

Before looking at a single conference room table you have to evaluate your team and organization to establish the needs. Analyze the daily meetings taking place as they intertwine with the needs of the company. Are your meetings more collaborative or presentation style? Are the meetings casual or formal? Are there many employees participating in these weekly meetings? These are some questions to evaluate what the organization needs to create the perfect conference room.

Elements of a Conference Room Table: Sizing

Sizing is a crucial component of choosing a conference table. The sizing has to be perfect regarding the dimensions. As a rule of thumb, it’s optimal to account for a 3-foot minimum on each side of the table and chairs. To ensure employees are more comfortable, 4 feet around the table allows a more spacious environment and to move with ease. To further assist, we have provided a sizing guide of the minimum and maximum size for each conference table shape. While all of our tables are customizable to your specific sizing these are the traditional sizes offered.

Elements of a Conference Room Table: Shape

Here at SKUTCHI Designs, we offer 10 conference table shapes to fit the needs of our clients.

The image is about conference room tables and custom conference tables.

These are the most popular styles of conference tables and their purposes.

  • Arc Boat

The arc boat provides an openness to promote collaboration while providing a modern look. In addition, the softer edges allow for more mobility.

  • Boval

The Boval shape is a unique shape created at SKUTCHI Designs. The shape combines the best of both worlds (boat and rectangle). The Boval allows for more collaboration due to the slight round shape provided by the oval. Also, it creates a more modern conference table.

  • Rectangle

The rectangle shape is perfect for fitting into a long narrow space. In addition, this shape is perfect for organizations that heavily focus on presentations in meetings.

Elements of a Conference Room Table: Bases

Bases are just as important as the surface. Bases can be customized in terms of style and color. We offer 10 available bases that fit a variety of aesthetics and styles.

Elements of a Conference Room Table: Power

An often overlooked yet important component of conference tables is power. You can choose between two options, an electrical module or an electric wall outlet. The electrical module is built into the table which allows for easier access and multiple features as listed below.

However, it’s important to note that the electrical wall outlet is not as practical and can be an obstruction to employees due to the multiple cords. However, the wall outlets utilize already accessible electricity.

Time to Go Shopping

The fundamentals of conference room tables have been broken down into size, shape, and power. These elements are ultimately created through your needs and what fits the daily operations of your organization. Now that you have a foundational understanding it’s time to go shopping for your perfect conference table!

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