Lactation Rooms | Mother’s Room | Wellness Rooms | Sapphire Wall System | 7x7x84



  • Actual Footprint Size: 14’6″W x 7’4″D x 84″H
  • Individual Cubicle Size: 7′ x 7′ x 84″H
  • Panels Pictured:
    • Fabric: None
    • Laminate: White
    • Glass: None
  • Door Pictured: Locking Paneless Swing Door
  • Worksurface Pictured: Black Oak
  • Trim Pictured: Silver

This system is completely customizable – View the fabric and laminate options to the left.

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Why Buy Our Lactation Rooms | Mother’s Room | Wellness Rooms?

The Sapphire Wall System features lactation rooms built to a variety of shapes, sizes, and panel colors. This highly versatile panel system–with heights ranging over 7′, 8′ or 9’ft–is completely freestanding. No need for permanent attachments to your floor or ceiling.

In other words, our lactation rooms/mother’s room/wellness rooms are a breeze to set up or take down. It usually takes less than a day to assemble (depending on the size of the project). You can also customize these privacy rooms in a variety of ways. Choose all glass panes or mix in multi-colored laminates and fabric panels.

You can also upgrade the base of each panel to include inline data and electrical “raceways” to manage cord and cables. The Sapphire Wall System is a beautiful, modular wall alternative to traditional drywall construction–which can take weeks of construction and downtime.

What Comes With This Product?

Increasingly, specific employees and customers require an isolated, and securable space for health and wellness reasons. The FLSA (Fair Labor & Standards Act) mandates companies employing more than 50 persons must accommodate new moms who nurse with an adequate environment in which to do so.

Additionally, employees who need to administer medications for themselves or suffer from afflictions which require temporary separation from noise and distractions can benefit greatly from having these privacy booths available to them at their place of work.

This typical has an overall dimension of 14’6″W x 7’4″D x 84″H which creates two 7′ x 7′ enclosed rest spaces.  Also, each room has its own entry which includes a locking swing door for additional privacy. And, the Sapphire Wall System features dozens of fabric colors and laminates for the panels for you to choose from. Pictured here is an arrangement in all White laminate.

What Else?

Finally, this typical of our Sapphire Wall System is fully compatible with any items available in our Sapphire Cubicle System, which includes workstations, furniture, and accessories such as file storage, shelving, overhead storage, desks, chairs, and padded benches, paper racks, and accessory rails. Give us a call to customize yours today!

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Silver File/File Pedestal

Silver Box/Box/File Pedestal

Silver 2 Lateral Storage

Wally Mobile Storage

Silver 24 Inch Overhead Bin

Silver 36 Inch Overhead Bin

Silver 24 Inch Bookshelf

Silver 36 Inch Bookshelf

Wall Mounted Slat Wall

Nova Desks Compatible

Quatum Sit to Stand Desk

Indigo Desk

eScape Cubicle Extenders

Door Available

Available Finishes


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