Glass Conference Rooms with Full Glass Walls | Sapphire Wall System | 10x9x95″H



  • Overall Footprint Size: 20’6″W x 9’7″D x 95″H
  • Individual Room Size: 10’W x 9’D x 95″H
  • Panels Pictured:
    • Fabric: None
    • Laminate: White and Black Oak (center wall)
    • Glass: Clear Tempered
  • Worksurfaces Pictured: None
  • Trim Pictured: Silver
  • Storage Shown: None
  • Also Included: (2) 6’W x 3’D Boat Shaped Conference Tables with Stainless Steel Bases in Black Oak Laminate
  • Any chairs and accessories shown are not included
  • Drop ceiling is NOT included and is only being shown as a possible solution 

This system is completely customizable – view our in-stock fabric and laminate swatch options to the left.

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Glass Conference Rooms by SKUTCHI Designs

Creating specialty areas in your workplace is easy with the Sapphire Wall System. In particular, all glass conference rooms.

Glass conference rooms are a perfect place to hold meetings or conferences between employees and clients. Pictured here is an all glass conference room divided into two spaces. The dividing wall features white and oak laminate. Two sliding acrylics doors allow for entry on either side of the room.

There are plenty of options to choose from to modify your glass conference room’s design. For instance, the divider wall panel can be fitted with fabric, laminate, tempered glass, or even white markerboard. Also, along the base of the panels, we feature seamless, built-in “raceways tracks” for electrical and network data cables and wires.

This specific configuration features sliding acrylic doors, but we offer different styles of doors if you prefer. Also, our glass conference room walls are manufactured to heights of 7′, 8′, or even 9′ tall. Finally, adding, expanding, or replacing individual panels is as simple as a phone call.

Contact Us With Questions

You have a host of options to choose from. The Sapphire Wall System by SKUTCHI Designs Inc. is a flexible, scalable, and innovative interior office wall solution. Call us if you want modifications to your glass conference room prior to ordering. We will explain your options.

With the Sapphire Wall System, you can create any floor-to-ceiling space you might need. Most importantly, we offer free shipping on this item or any order over $10,000.

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Silver File/File Pedestal

Silver Box/Box/File Pedestal

Silver 2 Lateral Storage

Wally Mobile Storage

Silver 24 Inch Overhead Bin

Silver 36 Inch Overhead Bin

Silver 24 Inch Bookshelf

Silver 36 Inch Bookshelf

Wall Mounted Slat Wall

Nova Desks Compatible

Quatum Sit to Stand Desk

Indigo Desk

eScape Cubicle Extenders

Door Available

Available Finishes


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