Case Study – Buddy’s Kitchen

case study buddys kitchen acoustic panels, acoustic solutions, and privacy solutions

About Buddy’s Kitchen

In 1974, Nils “Buddy” Eian started Buddy’s Kitchen a customizable frozen food and co-packing company. The company has since grown to become two facilities which has led to a larger team to train and lead its operation. In 2023, Buddy’s Kitchen was looking for a solution to further streamline training operations for their employees. The company chose SKUTCHI Designs to create a solution.

Before SKUTCHI Designs

Originally, Buddy’s Kitchen used a 10-foot conference table to conduct exams and training for employees, but privacy and noise became an obstacle when giving assessments to multiple employees.

With SKUTCHI Designs

Utilizing the eSCAPE Privacy Partitions, SKUTCHI Designs helped Buddy’s Kitchen optimize the space they needed to create the optimal setup for employee training. SKUTCHI Designs created a custom partition for the 10-foot conference table.

These acoustic dividers (made from PET Material) resolved the issue of distracting noise. In addition, the partition needed to be at least 24” inches and wider in length. This allowed for more privacy and isolation between each employees’ space. In total, we created 8 individual spaces for employees to sit comfortably at the 10-foot conference table. Lastly, the custom partition is lightweight, which allows management to move these partitions to different locations with ease.