Why are Custom Tables a Better Option?

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A completed office space starts with the basics, tables. Conference tables, bistro tables, console tables, coffee tables, etc. Each business has a set of resources and unique needs when designing an office. To cater to all of the needs of business customization is vital. Here at SKUTCHI Designs, we understand the needs of our clients and custom several tables.

What Kind of Office Table Does Your Business Need?

To assist each business we specialize in custom tables from our Harmony Product Line. Here are some of the most common office tables and their purposes. 

1 Coffee Table

Coffee tables are utilized not only for aesthetics but also to hold smaller items. In an office, this table is optimal in a lobby/gathering area or larger offices (i.e. executive office). A coffee table can be customized to any desired color, shape, and base. 

2 Huddle Table

These tables provide a dynamic space to collaborate and conduct short-form meetings and training. In an office, this table is used in an open office or small conference room. Customization is seen through several elements, not just the traditional elements, but through electrical data options. Storage is typically not added to huddle tables.

custom tables and huddle tables

3 Bistro Table

The bistro table is typically a high-top table used to provide a small space to relax, snack, or have impromptu meetings when collaboration is needed. The sizes range from 3’x3′ to 4’x7′. We go beyond the traditional bistro table by offering custom dimensions and shapes. 

4 Console Table

Console tables are often utilized in hallways or entryways to act as an accent. Console tables hold minimal items. Not only are these tables found in narrow walkways, but are used as desks, in lobby/gathering areas, etc.

custom tables and custom console tables

5 Conference Table

Conference tables serve the purpose of having meetings, in-depth training, collaboration, and presentations. Conference rooms and training rooms are the main areas you’ll spot them. Electrical options, shaping, and dimensions are all customizable. 

Utilize a Guide to Find Your Needs

Creating a custom table requires analyzing the current space available, resources, and tasks being performed. To organize all of the main components of customizing an office table we provided a guide to conference room tables. This guide is not only applicable to custom conference tables but other custom tables we provide.

The Ultimate Guide to Conference Room Tables

What Does Customization Entail?

SKUTCHI Designs, Harmony Product line is completely customizable. When designing a custom table a project manager will question and review options with you. The questions will entail the number of people sitting around the table, aesthetic preferences, as well as reviewing the room dimensions to confirm that the table fits properly. Our CAD designers will then create a floor plan for you to showcase your vision. Once the plan is approved the table will be manufactured in our warehouse based in the USA. The table is then finalized through quality checks before shipment.

For shipment options, your project manager will provide the option to require installation services or to not use these services. If you do choose to install, we offer nationwide installation. An installation questionnaire will be provided to retrieve an estimate for the service. If you choose to install the table yourself then the item will ship LTL (Less than a Truckload) and will arrive on a freight truck with a lift-gate service. The table will be secured on a pallet and dropped off close to your facility. You would have to bring the product inside and install it.

Custom Conference Table Example

To further showcase how far customization can go, check out this recently completed custom conference table for a client. This client needed a unique U-shaped conference table that was wide and long enough to accommodate 35 seats. Here is the finalized design created by our CAD department for this custom conference table.

custom tables

Start Customizing

If you find yourself needing a custom table then you found the right place. Call our project managers at 888.993.3757 or email us at [email protected] with your design specifications.

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