Glass Top Reception Cubicle | Emerald Cubicle Collection | 6x9x52″H-39″H



  • Overall Footprint Size: 8’4.25″W x 6’6.75″D x 52-39″H
  • Panels Pictured:
    • Fabric: Silver and Lime Green
    • Laminate: N/A (laminate panels are not available with the Emerald Cubicle Collection)
    • Glass: Clear
  • Worksurface Pictured: Sea Salt
  • Trim Pictured: Charcoal
  • Storage Shown: 3-Drawer Box/Box/File Pedestal

Because the configuration pictured is completely customizable, you can choose other fabrics and laminate options to the left. Also, you can contact our designers to create your dream office today at 1-888-993-3757or e-mail [email protected]


Available Finishes

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Render of Metal File/File Pedestal

Charcoal FF

Charcoal BBF

Charcoal 2 Lateral Storage

Wally Mobile Storage

Charcoal 24 Inch Overhead Bin

Charcoal 36 Inch Overhead Bin

Charcoal 24 Inch Bookshelf

Charcoal 36 Inch Bookshelf

Single Sided Slat Wall

Nova Desks Compatible

Quatum Sit to Stand Desk

Indigo Desk

eScape Cubicle Extenders

Acrylic Sliding Door


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