2-Person L-Shaped Cubicles | Emerald Collection | 5x7x39″H



  • Actual Footprint Size: 10’2″W x 7’2″D x 39″H
  • Individual Workspace Size: 5’W x 7’D x 39″H
  • Panels Pictured:
    • Fabric: Silver and Charcoal
    • Laminate: None
    • Glass: None
  • Worksurfaces Pictured: Driftwood
  • Trim Pictured: Charcoal
  • Storage Pictured: 3-Drawer Box/Box/File Pedestals

Because the configuration pictured is completely customizable, you can choose other fabrics and laminate options to the left. Also, you can contact our designers to create your dream office today at 1-888-993-3757 or e-mail [email protected]



Create 2-Person L-Shaped Cubicles with the Emerald Cubicle Collection

Using the Emerald Cubicle Collection, creating 2-person L-shaped cubicles (like the one pictured on this page) is a snap. Featured are the tackable fabric panels, laminate worksurfaces, and storage options. This typical can be customized in a number of ways. With over a dozen colored fabrics to choose from, the possibilities are limitless. Mix and match the fabric colors by panel to create 2-person L-shaped cubicles to match your corporate brand or office place motif. And don’t forget, this cubicle system also offers an upgrade for electrical cord/data networking cable conduits along the base of each panel to hide messy cable clutter.

About the Emerald Cubicle Collection

The Emerald Cubicle Collection by SKUTCHI Designs Inc is our mid-entry cubicle workstation product line. It utilizes incredibly strong yet lightweight aluminum frames with uniquely shaped connectors to create an unending variety of structures. Combined with modular panels walls reaching 39″, 52″, or 65″ in height, this versatile desking arrangement allows for the creation of unique and scalable desking solutions for nearly any office work environment. Additionally, all Emerald Cubicle Collection typicals are freestanding. In other words, they are easily assembled or disassembled to move or relocate them.

Accessorizing the Emerald Cubicle Collection

The 2-person L-shaped cubicles on this page come with several accessory options from which to choose. For instance, choose from multiple work surface laminates, locking pedestal cabinets, shelves, lockable storage bins, paper trays, pencil holders, and just about anything else 2-person L-shaped cubicles might need. Also, if you have questions about all the accessories available, one of our professional office design specialists will help you put your project together. Also, you can simply call before you order at  (888) 993-3757.

What Else?

Finally, it’s important you have a clear understanding of all accessories and choices available for our 2-person L-shaped cubicles. For this reason, we suggest contacting SKUTCHI Designs Inc. today. We’d be happy to answer your questions before your purchase.

Available Finishes

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Render of Metal File/File Pedestal

Charcoal FF

Charcoal BBF

Charcoal 2 Lateral Storage

Wally Mobile Storage

Charcoal 24 Inch Overhead Bin

Charcoal 36 Inch Overhead Bin

Charcoal 24 Inch Bookshelf

Charcoal 36 Inch Bookshelf

Single Sided Slat Wall

Nova Desks Compatible

Quatum Sit to Stand Desk

Indigo Desk

eScape Cubicle Extenders

Acrylic Sliding Door


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